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Founded in 2002 by Shannon Hickey, Mychal's Message is a non-profit organization created to honor the life of Father Mychal F. Judge, O.F.M.  During his life, Father Mychal shared his message with the rich and the poor, the healthy and the sick, firefighters, police officers, and friars, and the many men, women and children who called him 'friend.'  His message was simple, interdenominational, and touched many lives.  It is the mission of Mychal's Message to continue sharing that message with others.  It is a grace to walk in his footsteps and encounter the homeless and poor, meeting basic needs, while restoring dignity with love.

Mychal's Message began in January 2002 as 11-year-old Shannon marked the anniversary of her liver transplant.  Every year she celebrated her anniversary with a party, presents and cake.  That year, Shannon decided to mark the anniversary in a more meaningful way.  In lieu of gifts, she asked for socks for the homeless.  "I'll give them away in memory of Father Mychal," she told her family.  Father Mychal, a dear family friend, was an inspiration to Shannon and on her transplant anniversary in 2002, she wanted to celebrate her life by remembering his.

Word spread quickly and before long, Shannon collected 1,500 pair of socks.  A printed card with Father Mychal's prayer was attached to each pair.  As those first socks were being distributed to the homeless, the family realized that the prayer was as important as the socks.  The prayer became Mychal's message.  Father Mychal inspired Shannon, Shannon inspired us, and Mychal's Message was born.

A comprehensive list of project results to-date is here.


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