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Mychal's Message in the News

Stories about the work of Mychal's Message have appeared in local and national publications and on television. Following is a list of articles we know about. Where possible, we have included links. We are exploring ways to make other articles available as well. If you have a particular interest in any article, please contact us for more information.

  • Goodness by the foot: Local girl's charity, Souls for Souls, distributes shoes to homeless
    November 28, 2002, Lancaster Intelligencer Journal
  • Girl starts sneaker drive for homeless
    November 15, 2002, Lancaster New Era

  • Cool Kids: She "Socks" it Away for the Homeless
    October 2002, Guideposts for Kids

  • "12-year-old's good deeds a tribute to fallen FDNY chaplain"
    September 10, 2002, Lancaster New Era
  • It’s a Family Affair: Anthonian Article on Lancaster Family Generates Donations for N.Y.’s Homeless
    August 28, 2002, Holy Name Province Today
  • Family’s Project is an Affirmative Response to God
    August 9, 2002, The Catholic Witness
  • A Father Mychal Notebook (see: “Socks for the Homeless” and “Blessed Bloomers”)
    June 2002, The Anthonian
  • "Underwear Donations sought for homeless men and women"
    May 26, 2002,
    Lancaster Sunday News
  • Personally touched by Father Judge’s Life, Lancaster Family Makes Pilgrimage to Ground Zero
    February 22, 2003, The Catholic Witness
  • Search for Socks surpasses 1,000 pairs.
    February 10, 2002, Lancaster Sunday News
  • 'Lord, take me where you want me to go': Shannon Hickey marks her transplant anniversary by warming the feet, and hearts of others.
    February 3, 2002, Lancaster Sunday News

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