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WINNER!! 2008 Catholic Press Association Book Award: First Place Children's Books!

He Said Yes
The Story of Father Mychal Judge
written by Kelly Ann Lynch
illustrated by M. Scott Oatman

A true story about the remarkable life and untimely death of Father Mychal Judge, He Said Yes tells how an ordinary boy from Brooklyn became an extraordinary Franciscan priest and the beloved New York City Fire Department chaplain who gave his life for his friends on September 11, 2001.

When you order your copy directly from Mychal's Message, we will receive a greater percentage of the cover price from books (vs. all other retail sales), which we can then use to continue the work of Father Mychal.  

Can You Find Them All?  He Said Yes is a full-color picture book.  Hidden images can be found in each of the illustrations.  For answers to the "Can You Find Them All?" page, click here.

Suggested Donation: $15.00 ($12.95 list price + s/h)
Product ID: HSY-07
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"Your book is so well written;
so articulate and appropriate as a children's book."
-Marcie McCarthy, 2nd Grade Teacher,
St. Leo the Great School, Lancaster, PA

Schedule a book signing or author visit.
  Please contact us to schedule a book signing at your church, school or local book store. Author Visits are also available.


About the Author:
Kelly Lynch is one of the founders of Mychal's Message. She knew Father Mychal Judge throughout her life. He was a dear family friend who often prayed with her and her family, in happy times and sad. For more information, read the History of Mychal's Message and Our Inspiration.

About the Artist:
M. Scott Oatman is an extremely versatile, award-winning designer and illustrator. He has more than 20 years' experience creating highly successful work, delighting smart clients throughout the United States.  Scott donated designs for: the Mychal's Message Logo; our project logos; our most recent T-shirts; our thank-you post cards; and various other materials. Learn more about M. Scott Oatman by visiting his web site:



Instructions for credit card payment:

Mychal's Message accepts donations via Network for Good. If you would like to order copies of He Said Yes for the suggested donation of $15.00 per book, you can do so by making a donation to our organization using the following instructions.

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  5. Specify "He Said Yes HSY-07" in the “Designation” field.

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  7. BE SURE TO INCLUDE your name, mailing address and an email address so we can confirm your donation and ship your book to you. **DO NOT MAKE YOUR DONATION ANONYMOUS or we will be unable to send your books.

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