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"Can You Find Them All?"

Some of the hidden images are easier to spot than others.  Each image has to do with a different event in Father Mychal's life.  The answers with corresponding page numbers are below.

5.The dove is on the building beneath the left-most American flag.

7.The Franciscan rope belt with three knots is on the tan building to the left of the church.

9.The tau cross (looks like a capital letter T) is to the right of Father Mychal, on the second shelf from the top, printed in gold on a green book.The bookabout Saint Francis is on the desk.

11.The name Mychal is in the shadow to the left ofFather Mychal's feet.

13.The breadline began in 1929.That number can be found on the label of the sandwich, printed in grey.

15.The two ice-cream cones can be found above the arches on the bridge - one above and to the left of the left arch and one above and to the right of the right arch, on the highest level of the bridge before the sky.

17.The Christian symbol of a fish is on the patient's blue bathrobe, under his right arm.

19.9/11 can be found as the time on the clock - 9:11.

21.The number of firemen and paramedics lost on 9/11 was 343.That number can be found to the right of Father Mychal on the fire truck.

23.The Irish flag can be found on a book entitled Peace in Ireland on the bookshelf above young Conor's head.

25.The number of people lost on TWA Flight 800 was 230.This is one of the most difficult images to find.It can be found in the white surf of the water, with the number 2 directly above the top of the rose, followed by the 3 and the 0.The number isslanted slightly up to the right.

27.The twelve steps (of AA) can be seen through the doorway at the back of the room (in the upper right-hand corner of the page).

29.The digits 0001 symbolize the number on Father Mychal's death certificate and can be found in the building on the left, on the top floor, in the right four windows, as digits.Look inside the windows for the three zeros which appear as squares, followed by the number one.


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