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Project Archive - 2002

Blessed Bloomers
September 2002

Description: Sometimes we take for granted the simplest of things. Imagine taking a nice hot shower at the end of a long day and NOT having a clean pair of underwear to put on. Imagine that for a moment ... that's how some people live.  We'd like to help restore their dignity as Father Mychal did ... and as Jesus would have.

During our first official project, collecting and distributing socks for the homeless, one man asked us if we had underwear as well. Thus the Blessed Bloomers project was born.

We learned of a great need for underwear among the homeless. Many people donate gloves and sweaters, but rarely do they think of the basic needs like underwear.

Objective: Collect men's, women's and children's underwear and distribute them in New York City via the Bread Line at St. Francis Church on September 11, 2002 in memory of Fr. Mychal.

Results: We collected 3,000 pairs of underwear, 800 undershirts, and 800 pairs of socks. We distributed them on the first anniversary of Fr. Mychal's death at St. Francis church in New York City, and then at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia. The remainder were delivered to the Graymoor Friars in Garrison, NY. We also continued distribution through October and November, at other centers and shelters in the New York City and Philadelphia areas.

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For I Was Thirsty
March 2002

Description: One hot afternoon while distributing socks at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia, a homeless man asked for a cold glass of iced tea.  Sadly, the Inn, located in the City of Brotherly Love, was all out of iced tea and had only water to offer.  Though he was grateful for the glass of water, he longed for something more. 

Results: Through this small project, we obtained a $250.00 gift card from Giant Food Stores in Carlisle, PA which was used to purchase powdered iced tea mix for the Inn. Our gratitude is extended to the store's management for their generosity and expression of kindness and caring.

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Happy Birthday Father Mychal!
May 2002

Description & Results: On what would have been Father Mychal's 69th birthday  (May 11, 2002), we gave away home-baked cookies to the men and women who arrived on the Bread Line in New York City.  The recipe was given to us by Father Mychal's twin sister and was his favorite.  A dozen women from Lancaster, PA baked this special recipe, and our family delivered them to New York City early that Spring morning. 

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Socks for the Homeless
(our first project)
January 2002

Description: Socks for the Homeless is where it all began. 

It was the anniversary of then 11-year-old Shannon's life-saving liver transplant when she decided that in lieu of gifts at her annual celebration, she would ask for something different. 

Every year Shannon celebrates her anniversary with a party, a cake and gifts, but this year was different.  This year, Shannon was mourning the loss of her dear friend, Father Mychal Judge, OFM who was killed on 9-11 at the World Trade Center.   Father Mychal had been a close family friend and had prayed with Shannon and us (her family) many times during her illness and recovery.  This year (2002), Shannon searched for a way to celebrate her life by remembering his. 

Socks for the Homeless seemed a fitting idea ... Shannon had a drawer full of socks of her own and always loved putting on a new, clean pair.  Aware of Father Mychal's lifelong dedication to the homeless, Shannon decided to collect socks and give them away in honor of her special day and in memory of the man she admired most.  Socks for the Homeless, our first project, was just the beginning of the ministry we now know as Mychal's Message.

Results: Through the kindness and generosity of family and friends, Shannon collected nearly 1,500 pairs of socks and distributed them on the streets of New York, Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA (our home town).

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