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Project Archive - 2003

One-Hundred Souls 
November-December 2003

Description & Results:
In this project we collected new boys' and men's sneakers, socks, underwear and undershirts for 100 Lancaster County boys (ages 10 through 18) residing in a State Rehabilitation Center.  All packages were delivered near Christmas 2004. 
To read about our distribution in New York, click here.  You can also read thank-you notes from these souls by clicking here.   

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Holy Hats
December 2003 - January 2004

Description & Results: You reap what you sow in life, and some reap what they sew.  It all began when a woman began sewing fleece hats for the homeless in 2002.  She sent us a few and asked how many we needed.  "We need 250," we wrote to her.  She wrote back and said, "Don't know if I can make quite that many, but I'll start sewing today!"

In this project, we collected hats (as well as gloves, mittens and scarves) for the homeless.  All hats were blessed before being distributed at the end of January 2004. To read about our distribution in New York, click here.

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Project Under Cover 
January 2004

Description & Results: Each year Shannon chooses an anniversary project to celebrate her transplant anniversary ("Socks for the Homeless" in 2001, "Soles for Souls" in 2002).  This year, Shannon decided to collect donations to purchase fleece blankets for the homeless. Each blanket featured an embroidered Mychal's Message logo and included a carrying handle attached to it.  Shannon chose her favorite color for the blankets - purple - how regal and fitting for our homeless friends - for "blessed are the poor!"  The cost of the blankets - $13.00 each - was covered entirely by donations from Mychal's Message supporters. More than 200 blankets were distributed. To read about our distribution in New York, click here.

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That Second Coat 
September - October 2003

Description & Results: St. Basil the Great is quoted as having said, "That second coat in your closet does not belong to you - it belongs to the poor." 

In this project, we collected and distributed 250 gently used men's Winter coats to our friends on the St. Francis Breadline in NYC. 

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Blessed Bloomers II
June -September 2003

Description & Results:  In our first "Blessed Bloomers" project donations of underwear, undershirts and socks arrived from all over the United States (and Germany and Italy) to be given away to the homeless in memory of FDNY Chaplain, Fr. Mychal Judge.  Each set of undergarments was discreetly packaged and distributed to over 1,500 homeless men and women in New York City, Philadelphia, PA and Garrison, NY on 9-11-02, the first anniversary of Fr. Mychal's death. To read the note thanking our supporters for their generous donations of underwear, click here
To read one of our volunteer's accounts of the day, click here

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Surprise Party 
March-May 2003

Description & Results:  On what would have been Father Mychal’s 70th birthday (May 11th, 2003), we SURPRISED Mychal's beloved friends by celebrating their birthday with a card, a beautifully wrapped gift (a new watch), a special birthday lunch, and an individual birthday cake.  Each homeless person was greeted with “SURPRISE … Happy Birthday … Today we celebrate YOU” as they were given their birthday surprise.  In this project we collected cash donations to fund purchases and preparation of birthday surprises for 250 homeless men and women.  To read our surprise party update, click here. To read the recap of our day, click hereBecause God called Father Mychal home on 9-11, Mychal’s Message has been inspired to accept cards and gifts on his behalf this year, which we will then share with the men and women he loved so much - the homeless. 

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Soles for Souls
October 2002- January 2003

Description: Once again our child-leader, Shannon Hickey conceived a wonderful project to honor the memory of her beloved friend, Fr. Mychal Judge. Having now worked with and walked with members of the homeless community, she has developed a unique empathy, which inspired her to take on this project.

Although a large project for Mychal’s Message to undertake, we believe -- and we have seen in previous projects -- that one person can make a difference, when many individual efforts are joined together.   This project marks the first anniversary of our inception when we collected socks for the homeless ... how "fitting" to complement those socks with new sneakers this year. Please consider helping us transform this dream into a reality.

Objective: With your help, we plan to collect new sneakers for homeless men and women this holiday season.  On January 28, 2003 we will distribute all donated "soles" to homeless men and women on the Bread Line at St. Francis Church in New York City. They will be given in memory of Father Mychal Judge, the New York City Fire Department Chaplain who was killed on 9-11 and in honor of his friend, Shannon Hickey, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of her life-saving liver transplant.

Results: More than 650 pairs of sneakers were collected and distributed in NYC and Philadelphia. Read about our distribution in NYC on 28 January, 2003. Also, please read our thank-you note to everyone who helped us with this project.

"Slippered Souls"
A Part of the Soles for Souls Project

Description & Results: Through the generosity of Lee Anne from Tannersville, PA, over 200 pair of new slippers were donated for the homeless.  Those slippers were delivered to a homeless families shelter in Harrisburg, PA run by Catholic Charities.  A spokesperson at the shelter told us that slippers are an ongoing need there because they don't allow the families to walk around barefoot in the common areas.  They all need slippers.  God lead us to this place, and Father Mychal guided us to these families.  Thanks to Lee Anne, many "souls" will be slippered with "soles" at the shelter!

After collecting the slippers, Lee Anne also reached out into her community and began visiting outlet stores and sharing the story of "Mychal's Message."  She then collected almost 100 pair of socks and several packages of children's barrettes.  These items were also delivered to the shelter all in Father Mychal's name.  Lee Anne's efforts are evidence that one person truly makes a difference.

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