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Project Archive - 2004

Mikie's Gift
Through December 2004

Mikie was Shannon's friend.  He and Shannon were diagnosed with the same liver disease and were transplanted together in Chicago in 1990/1991.  God brought them back together in 1997 at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago when they were both struggling with their new livers.  (Mikie and Shannon understood each other and the difficulties surrounding their diseases.  They connected with each other when they couldn't connect with anyone else.  Mikie, born on Christmas Day in 1989, loved to travel.  His most recent trip was to Alaska.  Shortly after that trip, Mikie began getting sick.  His devoted mother and his doctors in Chicago tried everything to keep him alive, but God was calling him home ... Mikie died on Good Friday this year.  Before he died, Mikie told his mother that he had one final destination that he wanted to visit ... New York City.  He wanted to go there with Shannon to help the homeless.  Through this project, Mychal's Message helped Mikie's mother fulfill his last wish.

Results:  Thanks to the generosity of so many people, Mikie's Gift changed the lives of 572 men and women this Christmas.  Christmas stockings arrived from 13 states (FL, GA, MA, MD, MI, MO, NC, ND, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and WI).  Most were the traditional red-and-white Christmas stockings, while others were hand-made.  ALL were packaged with love and filled with a warm winter hat and gloves, a pair of socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo, and a shaver and shaving cream.  Some had candy and nuts; others had pens and paper; and others had McDonald's gift certificates. To read more about our stocking delivery, click here.

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Blessed Bloomers III
March - September 2004

Description: In our first Blessed Bloomers project (2002), we collected and distributed over 3,000 pair of underwear.  In Blessed Bloomers II (2003), we collected and distributed over 1,500 pair.  The needs are so great.  We never have more underwear than we have people who need them. With your help, we hoped to continue this wonderful tradition.

Results:   With your help, we collected over 1,000 pair of underwear, 750 undershirts and 1,000 pair of socks.  We were able to help our homeless friends on the Breadline in NYC as well as those at St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia.  Thank you for your generosity! More details about the day are here.

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Stocking The Inn
March - June 2004

Description & Results: St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia, PA is an inner-city soup kitchen that serves 2 meals a day and ministers to more than 300 people daily. In the past Mychal's Message has taken your donations to the Inn when we had extra available. Considering the need there, we decided it was time to dedicate an entire project to our friends there who live Mychal's message every day.

In this project, your donations helped us purchase and deliver needed items to St. Francis Inn in Philadelphia.  In all, more than $2,000 in donations made it to our mailbox, which enabled us to buy nearly 10,000 items for the Inn. See complete details here.

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