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Project Archive - 2006

Casey's Coats

September  - November, 2006

“I have a message for you,” Father Cassian said.  “It is from the homeless.”

Results:  In our largest coat collection ever, Mychal's Message collected and distributed 610 new winter coats in this project, along with 22 fleece jackets, 144 hats, 48 pair of gloves, and 48 scarves.  The first 223 coats (men's, women's and children's) were distributed at Saint Francis Inn in Philadelphia in early November.  The remaining 387 were distributed on the Breadline at Saint Francis Church in Manhattan.  To read about our Philadelphia distribution, click here To read about our Manhattan distribution, click here.

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Blessed Bloomers V
For Samuel
June - September 11, 2006

Description:  Our Fifth Annual Blessed Bloomers project was conducted in honor of Samuel, one of the many friends we have met on the breadline.

Results: Thanks to the generosity of donors from across the U.S., 3,700 underwear, 1,012 undershirts, and 2,243 pair of socks were collected and distributed to the homeless in our largest collection in 5 years.  Beginning September 11, 2006, packages of "Blessed Bloomers" were distributed to the homeless on the Breadline at St. Francis of Assisi Church, New York, NY; the Graymoor Friars, Garrison, NY; CREATE, Harlem, NY; St. Francis Inn, Philadelphia, PA; Crispus Attucks, Lancaster, PA; Milagro House, Lancaster, PA; and Lancaster County Council of Churches, Lancaster, PA.  For more details, click here.

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Second Annual Home Sweet Home
A Lancaster hometown project
September 16, 2006

On Saturday, September 16, 2006, 72 Lancaster area youth participated in an overnight experience in Mychal’s Village, a small makeshift community built on the back parking lot of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Lancaster.  The event was hosted by St. Leo the Great Youth Ministry, and was designed to help raise awareness and funds for the homeless.

Results:  Over $5,000 was raised in this year's second annual Home Sweet Home event.  Seventy-two teenagers attended the event.  A portion of the proceeds will be set aside for the printing of prayer cards, newsletters, project fliers and postage so that 100% of all donations made to Mychal's Message can directly benefit the homeless and poor.  A special thanks to L.H. Brubaker's of Strasburg, PA and Interiors of Lancaster, PA for donating the boxes the teens slept in.  For complete details, click here.

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Walk a Mile in My Shoes
Shannon's 2006 Anniversary Project
January - March 2006

“How’d you get here? 
How’d you end up on the street? 
Where did it go wrong?
Wonder what I’d do if it were me. 
A new point of view.  A walk in your shoes. 
I wish I could get inside your head,
To see what you see, when you look at me,
‘Cause I could’ve lived your life instead.”
-- Stacie Orrico, vocalist

Description:  Each year, Shannon Hickey, child founder of Mychal’s Message, chooses a project to celebrate the anniversary of her liver transplant.  In this project, Shannon chose to collect new sneakers for the homeless.  She named her project to honor NYPD Detective Steven McDonald, longtime friend of Father Mychal, whose message of forgiveness and Christ-like example inspired her. 

Results:  On May 29, 2006, we greeted approximately 230 homeless men and women on the Breadline of St. Francis Church, Manhattan.  272 pair of sneakers and shoes were distributed, along with 370 pair of socks, 200 American flags, 24 T-shirts and 200 bananas.  Everyone was accommodated, and we went home with only 1 pair of sneakers!

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