Over 200,000 items donated and distributed to date!

Donations: January 1, 2002 through January 2009
Mychal's Message would not exist without the kindness and generosity of so many people. With the help of donors from across the U.S. and reaching as far away as Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom, as of September 2008, Mychal's Message has collected and distributed the following:

Over 58,500 prayer cards
Over 27,733 baby diapers
Over 21,508 personal-size toiletries
Over 17,466 underwear
14,765 pairs of socks
Over 10,000 needed items for a Philadelphia soup kitchen
  (toiletries, food, detergents, paper products, etc.)

7,771 undershirts
4,826 packs/pieces of candy/gum
4,000 assorted clothing items

  (donated by a closing business in January 2007) 

3,175 hats, scarves and gloves
2,733 school supplies
2,134 Winter coats
1,840 homemade cookies
1,560 tea bags
1,500 bananas
1,220 garbage bags
(for soup kitchen)
1,187 teddy bears
1,155 pairs of new sneakers
800 American flags
700 granola bars
697 Christmas stockings
(filled with toiletries, candy, socks, winter hats and gloves -  approximately 10 items per stocking for a total of 7,667 items)
625 backpacks
510 lbs. sugar
(for soup kitchen)
507 pair of slippers
504 cans of cold soda
500 tickets to Sesame Street Live, including rental of 10 buses
("Because of Mikie" project)
500 goodie bags ("Because of Mikie" project, each included character book, show poster, autographed photo and snack
400 homemade blueberry and corn muffins with butter
400 Rosaries
(to Hurricane Katrina victims)
360 children's theater tickets ("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
360 children's lunches
("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
342 forks and spoons
360 stuffed lions
("Yes, Mr. Rogers!" project)
320 donuts and muffins
307 blankets
305 books
304 packs of baby wipes
264 canned goods and pantry items
(for local shelter)
250 Yankee baseball caps
250 glasses of cold lemonade with ice
240 pencils
(to poor children in the Bahamas)
226 lightweight/fleece jackets
210 children's toys
200 roast beef sandwiches
200 containers of cold milk
200 watches
(gifts in "Surprise Party")
200 birthday cakes
200 goodie bags
(each with a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, candy bar, pen, and pack of crackers/cookies)
200 N.Y. Mets baseball caps
200 Philadelphia Phillies caps
200 Turkey Hill ice cream cups
200 bags of peanuts
169 sweatshirts
130 water containers
128 flannel shirts
101 Christmas gifts
(for Lancaster Shelter)
100 bagels
100 packages of underwear, undershirts and socks
(to Hurricane Katrina victims)
77 oz. coffee
96 slices of pizza
68 cans of baby formula
60 articles of school uniform clothing
(pants, skirts, polo shirts and sweaters)
60 sausage/meatball sandwiches
60 rolls toilet paper
60 pillows
(and 1 pillow case)
53 bath towels
50 dress shirts and ties
(to CREATE, Harlem)
50 "Teenie Beannie Babies"
50 lbs of oatmeal
36 long underwear
24 umbrellas
24 Mychal's Message baseball caps
24 sweaters
24 containers Pine Sol
20 cans iced tea mix
20 pink carnations
14 pair of jeans
13 gallons bleach
9 containers orange juice
9 gallons milk
8 bottles detergent
8 baby dolls
6 pacifiers
4 men's suits
1 infant car seat
1 baby stroller
1 quilt
1 sleeping bag
1 flashlight
1 can opener

$3,500 donation to St. Francis Inn, Philadelphia
$1,075 in gift cards
(for Philadelphia soup kitchen, Lancaster shelter, and the families they serve)
$1,000-worth of clothing to poor women and children
(50 items)
$565 in McDonald's gift certificates
$500 donation to St. Francis Breadline, NYC
$500 donation to a A Woman's Concern, Lancaster, PA
$500-worth of clothing
(for children living in shelter)
$350 worth of Christmas toys
(for children living in shelter)
$250 in K-Mart gift certificates
(25 $10 certificates for women and babies' shelter)

In addition to the thousands of donors from across the country and around the world who contribute to our projects on an individual level, Mychal's Message also thanks the following local and national supporters who have donated goods and services:

Aaroe Law Offices, Bethlehem, PA
Amelia's Outlet, Lancaster, PA
American Legion, Lancaster, PA
BJ's, Lancaster, PA
David Carson, CPA, Lancaster, PA
Crognale & Collins, Lancaster, PA
Martin Doman, York, PA
Father Michael Duffy, OFM, Philadelphia, PA
"Final Hour," Lancaster, PA
Giant Food Stores, Carlisle, PA
Giant Food Stores, Lancaster PA
"Good to Go," Lancaster PA
Grand Central Bagel, Lancaster PA

Hagelgans & Veronis, Lancaster, PA
The Image Wizard, Lancaster, PA
The Innocence Mission, Lancaster, PA
Interiors, Lancaster, PA
Kegel's Produce, Lancaster, PA
Knights of Columbus, St. Leo the Great, Lancaster, PA
Lancaster Catholic High School, Lancaster, PA
L.H. Brubaker, Strasburg, PA
Steven McDonald, NY
McDonald's, Lancaster, PA
Fr. Cassian Miles, OFM, Wood Ridge, NJ
Moogie the Clown
New York Mets, New York, NY
New York Yankees, New York, NY
M. Scott Oatman Graphic Design and Illustration
Our Lady of the Holy nagels Church, Little Falls, NJ

Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia, PA
Righteous B, Steubenville, OH
St. Leo the Great Church and Youth Ministry, Lancaster, PA
Secret Sneaker, Lancaster, PA
Shop Rite, Little Falls, NJ
Mike Snyder, Magician, Lancaster, PA
Dr. Jay Sterling, Motivational Speaker, Lancaster, PA
The Stone Guys, Lancaster, PA
Turkey Hill, Lancaster, PA
UtterClarity, Washington, NJ
Vee Corporation, Minneapolis, MN



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